Mike Sugarman

Principal & Cofounder

A “product guy” at heart, through several decades in educational technology, scholarly, and higher education publishing, Mike has had both hands-on and leadership roles in sales, marketing, and product development. Continually “building the plane while flying it,” Mike was on point for the development of McGraw-Hill’s LearnSmart system, among the first to bring sophisticated adaptive learning to education.

Collaborating with various technology vendors, and academics, Mike was also directly responsible for the development and marketing of numerous educational simulations and games, notably including McGraw-Hill’s Government In Action. Mike led the growth of a global sales team at VitalSource Technologies, responsible for SaaS and B2B platform sales. And in an executive role, he restored usage and revenue growth to the North American market of a UK-based scholarly database publisher.

Mike Sugarman, Principal & Cofounder
Mike Sugarman, Principal & Cofounder